First Assignment; Who am I? Why am I here?

Who am I?
I am a woman forging a path through the jungle of addiction-not mine but my two eldest adult children- add to that an effort to re-kindle a passion for writing.Since early childhood I have loved telling stories. The longer and more outrageous the tail the better. As soon as I had enough coordination to put pencil to paper my mother encouraged me to write my stories down-not sure if her motive was to support the craft or shut me up. However it worked and I found that I not only loved telling the tales, I had a knack for writing them down. Long story short, this knack was put on the back burner when the time came for me to choose a career. Writing was not exactly a guaranteed income and having been raised in blue collar country I was encouraged to choose a vocation that would help support my family. So that is me-a middle aged lady juggling career, homemaking,  and co-dependancy struggling with a desire to be a wordsmith.
Why am I here?
If you haven’t already guessed there are two reasons I am here: 1) Fulfill my desire to write and 2) document my travels as I learn how to navigate the world of recovery; not my kids’ recovery-that is their journey-but my recovery from illness caused by their addiction. Maybe, just maybe, someone will read these trappings and glean a useful thing or two.


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