Blogging 101: Assignment #2 I did it! My name is changed

To fulfill today’s assignment took quite a bit of thought; but, once I got started the thoughts began to flow like the bathroom drain after pulling out that awful hair plug. Well, if you have long hair or raised daughters you know exactly what I mean. For a few weeks I have been toying with the idea of a blog title that reflects me, my personality, and my family history. Yes, if you are familiar with American literature you will recognize the name Stowe–no, I am not a direct descendant of Harriet Beecher Stowe. Actually my great grandmother was a Stowe and my mother was so proud of the name that she gave it to me as a middle name-maybe she knew something about me even then; If you read my entry for assignment #1 my story telling began early and I once believed writing was my destiny (especially after learning that I was distantly related to the “little lady who started such a big war”) Hence, I was destined to write great things that people will love to read and gain great insight from-or write small things that a few souls will enjoy from time to time. So there you have it, why Stowe was chosen. Now, why did I chose the rest of the title and tag line? Fairly self-explanatory, really; do you remember the old television sit-com Alice? Her boss the cook (Mel was his name I think) had an eloquent way of asking people to hush-he would yell ‘Stow It!’. It is my wish that this first blog of mine will help me do the exact opposite of hush-I want to find that writing voice that has been covered up by so many years of gunk. Kind of like that basket of yarn stashed in my closet-full of odds and ends of fibers that have just been piled on top of each other over the years that it became a tangle of knots. Through this blog I want to untangle that pile; undo the gunk knot by knot. Hopefully I will also reach a soul or two along the way.


3 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Assignment #2 I did it! My name is changed

  1. I haven’t seen “Alice” in ages, but I always did like the cook Mel. This is a great change for your name, and more fitting than the previous name. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  2. Love the name change and you are a cleaver, creative writer. Keep it up. I am trying g to find my voice as well. Good luck and I will see you around the neighborhood! Yeay a new friend!

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